Vitamin Injections

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Cosmetic Function

Vitamin injections acts as a rejuvenator and invigorator of the cutaneous tissue due to the epidermal trophic functions of its components. It gives the complexion elasticity, a better appearance and propitiates the phenomena of cellular repair, countering the phenomenon of extrinsic ageing.

vitamin-injections-productsThe vitamin C or ascorbic acid for its antioxidant properties helps to neutralise the free radicals protecting the skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles fighting the signs of ageing. It is used as coadjuvant in the production of collagen and helps to reaffirm the skin, providing a younger and bright look.

The vitamin C is an excellent whitening agent and has turgent effects on the connective tissue. It protects the skin against the UVA/UVB oxidation. It is also an excellent coadjuvant in the treatment of melasma and hair loss caused by seborrhoea dermatitis.

The Regenerative of Collagen Pyruvate ampoules help to break the cells from the superficial and deep layer of the skin, improving the elasticity and hydration. They are particularly indicated for the treatment of saggy skin and ageing. The ampoules of collagen pyruvate stimulate the fibroblast activity and the collagen synthesis.

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Treatment is initially weekly for 5 weeks and maintenance thereafter depends on the skin type.

Following the treatment there MAY be redness or even bruising. You are recommended to keep the treatment area clean in preparation for the treatment, but do not wash treated area on the day. Do not use make up for one day.

Vitamin cocktail (vitamins and collagen pyruvate) injection on skin (face, neck, chest, hands)

Attributes of health and beauty are difficult to maintain as they are confronted by various factors such as lifestyle, environmental conditions and unbalanced diets that make our body, and particularly our skin, subject each day to a large variety of dangerous influences. Stress, both internal and cutaneous, is one of the consequences of today’s lifestyle. The skin’s state is like a mirror that largely reflects the internal and external state of our body. From the twenties, the skin begins to lose its regenerating ability, a progressive phenomenon that is accentuated with time.

The signs of ageing become visible and are the expression of the profound changes that are taking place in the skin’s structures. Although it is not accepted, we live in a culture where youth is idealised and rewarded.

The only known, experienced way of delaying or attenuating cutaneous ageing consists of attacking, to the limit of our technique, the causes of intrinsic and extrinsic ageing by using various products and practices that oppose it.

The use of cosmetic products for skin care that contain ingredients that are active in their more external layers gives notable cosmetic effects because they evoke the delay or attenuation of the signs of extrinsic ageing. These are biological micro factors that act as true “skingestibles” or eudermic nutrients. Among the most effective of these are the vitamins, amino acids, biochemical factors related to the cellular metabolism, vegetable or other principles, the beneficial cosmetic effects of which have been scientifically proven. These micronutrients help to restore and maintain the physiological conditions of the skin. A firm skin and a good body are indisputable signs of youth.

Dr Kargin has developed a combination of vitamins and collagen pyruvate which is a cosmetic formula conceived with the idea of giving the skin a broad range of essential micronutrients that participate in the complex cellular biochemical processes of skin cells. They act as “skingestible” materials because they give the skin its complex composition of essential micro factors. Under normal or optimal conditions, these are provided by the cutaneous microcirculation, but due to the natural or accelerated ageing process, the microcirculation loses its fundamental trophic function, the simple expression of ageing.

The cutaneous provision of these micro ingredients is a cosmetic complex that protects and helps to keep the skin in the best condition and to stimulate the repairing mechanisms that intervene in cutaneous restructuring.

They form a structural part of the enzymes, providing biological activity to the cellular biocatalysts par excellence. The presence of these coenzymes in the dermal tissue stimulates the speed of these enzymatic reactions and they can be coadjutant factors in the speed of cellular reconstruction.