MELANOout® System

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Mechanisms of action of MELANOout® System

The MELANOout® System is composed of active ingredients that provide a high depigmentation power, acting directly on the cells responsible for skin colouration, halting the production of excess colour and effectively eliminating or attenuating the pigmentation spots.

Vitamin C treatment showed excellent results in improving acne. The number of treatments needed to clear up problematic skin varies from case to case, but patients should see major improvements after just a couple of sessions.


» Stimulates an integral and intensive depigmentation action;
»Great effectiveness in all types of coetaneous pigmentations
»MELANOout® can be performed at any time of the year when   accompanied by Pantalla Solar that protects the skin from sun   exposure
»Compatible with any skin photo-type
»Inhibits the enzymatic mechanisms that produce melanin
»Stimulates cell renewal.

MELANOout® System has been formulated to attenuate and eliminate spots of melanic origin located on the face, neck and décolleté, making the skin colour uniform, with spectacular results and without surgery or side effects.


Only through an effective treatment that focuses on the process of melanogenesis is it possible to remove spots and to restore the skin’s firmness, hydration and radiance.
The continued ageing of the skin as a result of systematic exposure to the sun, hyperpigmentation, acne marks, genetic factors, race, hormonal changes, pregnancy and menopause are preponderant factors for the appearance of spots.


In 95% of cases, the spots disappear between 21 and 30 days. It is very important that during the summer, to use the MELANOout® cream after sun exposure, applying it at the end of the day, ideally simultaneously with Hydraface for optimal skin hydration. This prevents the formation and the stimulation of melanin.