Cellulite Reduction with TEMPLE

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Anti-cellulite cream with firming and calorific effect. It is especially suitable for liporeducing treatments of fat nodules. The calorific effect activates and accelerates the combustion of localised fat, facilitating its dissolution.

Its properties stimulate the cellular metabolism, the return venous circulation and the lymphatic system. Helped by the calorific effect, it facilitates the elimination of toxins, fat and water retention in the tissues, reducing measures. It is very useful for shaping the figure, especially in compact cellulite.

It is also effective as a maintenance cream, to finalise any anti-cellulite body treatment performed in the clinic.



Cream indicated to combat the excess of fat, liquid retention and localised cellulite, while it reaffirms the treated area.



Carrot Extract is an excellent anti-radical free precursor of vitamin A that regenerates in deep.

Ruscus aculeatus
facilitates the elimination of liquid retained in fat cells, achieving cellulite reduction. For its diuretic action it is helpful in relieving symptoms related to veno-lymphatic insufficiency on the lower body, tired legs and varicose veins.

Methyl nicotinate
is indicated for the treatment of cellulite. It promotes the decongestion of tissues, reducing the amount of retained liquid. It stimulates the drainage of liquids and toxins and provokes an intense heat and redness that increases the local blood flow and improves the tissue oxygenation and the penetration of active principles.


Mimosa Extract helps to moisture and to restructure the skin.

Temple Calorific and Anti-cellulite Massage

Temple is a unique product which increase the circulation and metabolism of the skin, improving the cellulite and increasing the combustion of fat. It improves the cellulite while loosing inches. A person who has no weight problem doesn’t loose weight but instead experiences a reduction in cellulite.

After the application of the cream by our trained therapists your skin will become red, slightly swollen and itchy. It is not an allergic reaction but rather a sign that the cream is becoming active. It takes 20 minutes to complete the back of the legs.

You can also ask for full front-leg and back-leg treatment, lasting around 40 minutes, as well as treatment to the abdomen (10 minutes) and upper arms (20 minutes).

You see the result right after the treatment but you may need 5 sessions for optimal results. You are also advised to use Temple Cream (home version) at home.

Redness and itchiness takes about 2 hours to resolve.

Do not take hot bath after the treatment.

No sun bed or direct sun exposure after the treatment until redness resolves.


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