Anti-ageing Facials with Eporex

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What is Eporex Mesotherapy?

The Eporex Health & Beauty Station sends an electrical wave through the mesotherapy ingredients which pushes them painlessly through the skin without needles or harm to the skin (technology known as Isophoresis). Many of the ingredients exist naturally beneath the skin and are essential for healthy cell development. They act to heal damaged skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin (connective tissue), and protect the skin from free radicals (damage to the cells’ DNA).

Eporex Meso treatments continue to score the highest marks in media ‘tried and tested’ features and are considered reliable options in helping people overcome troublesome cosmetic problems on TV shows such as Embarrassing Teenage Bodies, Living TV and Richard & Judy

Anti-ageing Facials with Eporex

Less than 10% of the nutrients found in face masks and creams penetrates through the skin. The Eporex treatment can introduce much larger concentrations of vitamins and minerals directly to where new cells are being formed for unparalleled results in anti-ageing and for problem skin such as acne and black-heads.

» Helps the skin to form healthy collagen and elastin fibres.
Fights free radicals which damage the cells’ DNA
Skin looks younger, cleaner and fresher.
Inhibits acne and normalises the functions of the skin
Weekly treatments recommended


Eporex Mesotherapy (no needle mesotherapy) was an original concept when it was introduced by Dr Menevse Kargin for the first time in the world in 2003. To combine the latest technology in the field of transdermal delivery with mesotherapy protocols; to offer, for the first time, a painless and no-needle mesotherapy treatment option.


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