Acne Treatment with Vitamin C Treatment

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Benefits of Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C fights free radicals that can lead to acne inflammation and inhibits sebum oxidation which contributes to the occurrence of acne. It stimulates the growth of healthy new skin tissue at the cellular level and normalises the complexion and skin tone. It has very dramatic results in terms of strengthening collagen and elastin fibres. The vitamin C treatment has no recovery time, so you can continue with your daily routine immediately.

Vitamin C treatment showed excellent results in improving acne. The number of treatments needed to clear up problematic skin varies from case to case, but patients should see major improvements after just a couple of sessions.


Acne Treatment
An effective and new acne treatment has been developed by Dr. Kargin at the Kargin Clinic. A cosmetic device delivers pure vitamin C directly through the skin to its deepest layers, where the vitamin can be quickly utilised by the body for effective anti-acne treatments. The treatment does not break the skin or cause any tissue damage and it does not have any side-effects.

-Acne is not just something that affects the young (50% of our customers are over 21)

-Acne it is not an indication of poor hygiene

-Acne is not the result of a bad diet

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NOTE: If you wish to purchase Vitamin C Ampoules please contact us. These are only available to purchase directly in our clinic.

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