Immortalis Klotho Formula

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What is Immortalis Klotho Formula

Discovered in 1997, the Klotho gene naturally expresses
as a long-chain protein, enzyme and hormone. Named
after the mythological Greek goddess Klotho (responsible
for spinning the thread of life), this gene performs many
biological functions and appears to be the most significant
and consequential factor determining human lifespan…
up to the point of being dubbed by modern scientists ‘the
Holy Grail’ and ‘the aging suppressor’

Klotho circulates throughout the blood, brain and spine in
the course of life and declines with aging in conjunction
with cognitive deficits. Up until now science has not been
able to sustainably supplement Klotho levels in humans

Dr Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD and his team have pioneered
a breakthrough method of stimulating natural Klotho
production inside the human body via the microbiome (or
the non-human DNA) that is part of our greater genome
Increased Klotho demonstrates extraordinarily trans formative effects well documented in scores of peer
reviewed scientific papers and studies